Why ride with us?

There are many mountain bike tour operators and guiding companies offering trips now, and it can be bewildering choosing one to provide your holiday. Here are a few reasons why we believe you can put your trust in us though... 


A proper 'holiday'

We know your holiday time is short and precious. That you don't want to spend hours researching routes, places to stay, transport logistics, and even the best cafes and pubs to visit. When you're here, we know you don't want to have to stop to read a map at every junction, or to worry about what to do when the weather turns, or deal with any problems that arise that could affect the enjoyment of your trip.

We've spent hours researching and organising everything we can that will take the hassle out of your trip, so you can turn up, relax, and simply enjoy your holiday, the riding and making the most of your time here.

After years of experience working in the guiding industry for many well-renowned companies around the globe, seeing what works and what doesn't on trips, we believe that most people want to feel 'looked-after' on holiday. We pride ourselves on choosing good quality, comfortable accommodation providers, that are welcoming to mountain bikers, provide excellent hearty food, secure places to store bikes each night, and a relaxing environment to spend the evening in after a big day out in the mountains.

We know the mountains here intimately and as well as our planned routes, we have options for bad weather, better than expected weather or a fitter than average group who want to pack more into their day, as well as knowing where the best post-ride cafes and pubs can be found. 

Our van and trailer are available each day to provide support for unforeseen circumstances, or if we need an early or different pick-up from the one planned.

The level of service, food and accommodation we provide reflect what we think will make your holiday an unforgettable experience.


Value for money

While you can find other seemingly cheaper tour operators than us, if you look closely we think you'll find that our trips represent excellent value for money.

Our trip prices might seem higher than others for several reasons;

  • We don't use campsite or budget dormitory accommodation to keep costs down.

  • We have no hidden costs, like evening meals, lunches, or the fact you need your own transport each day. Once you are here, almost everything is included (*barring evening alcoholic & soft drinks)

  • We don't skimp on the quality of transport we provide for you and your bike, using clean modern vans & Burtech trailers.

  • We use professional, qualified and experienced guides for who guiding is a real job, not just a hobby, and we pay them to reflect this.

  • We pride ourselves in being a professional and safe tour operator, fully complying with government regulations, ensuring we are properly insured and having robust safety procedures including risk-assessed routes, planned bail-out options and bad weather alternatives.

When you add in all these factors, we hope you will agree that our trips represent excellent value for money!



Woodland trail riding. Image: Roo Fowler for Hope Technology

Woodland trail riding. Image: Roo Fowler for Hope Technology

Your guides are some of the most experienced and enthusiastic in the industry, bringing years of guiding experience from all over the UK and Europe. They are passionate about mountains, bikes, and the adventures they can take you on, and about sharing this passion with others. When they are not working, you can guarantee they'll be out on their own adventures somewhere in the mountains in the UK or abroad!

All fully qualified as Mountain Bike Leaders, professionally insured, and with up to date Outdoor first aid training, you can be sure you are in the hands of highly capable individuals who will ensure your trip runs as safely and enjoyably as possible.

Everyone who works for Endless Trails MTB is not only a mountain bike guide, but a true mountain person, bringing the extra experience that comes from years of working and playing in the mountains as Outdoor Leaders, Ski instructors, climbers, and mountaineers, to their job. 


keeping your money safe

To comply with the Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018, the money you pay to us is held independently by Serenity Travel Trusts until you have satisfactorily completed your trip. This means that in the unlikely event of our financial failure, you will be able to get a full refund. There are very few UK mountain bike holiday companies that offer this peace of mind. You can find out more about the Serenity Travel Trust here.

our philosophy

We love the mountains and wild, remote places, and we care deeply about the impact we have on our environment as mountain bikers. Julia has completed "Leave No Trace" training, and is proud to be working with Ride Sheffield as an ambassador. This fantastic Trail Advocacy group build, maintain and repair trails in the Peak District and seek to improve access for riders as well as improving the public's perception of mountain bikers. 


As well as choosing carefully the trails we use on our trips depending on local weather and conditions in order to minimise environmental impact, we will be making a contribution from any trip profits to local trail funds in both the Peak District and Lake District.