Lakeland Mountain Epic

Running a 4 day trip in statistically the wettest part of the UK is always going to hold an element of risk in terms of the weather, but in the case of our Lakeland Mountain Epic, the risk was worth it for the reward!

Hot and sunny mountain biking days!

Spoilt with temperatures which rivalled those normally found in the South of France, we took every opportunity possible to enjoy dipping our heads in cold lakes and streams whenever we could to stay cool! 

There were some pretty impressive knee pad and glove tan-lines being cultivated by everyone on the trip, and it was lovely to be able to sit outside the hotel to eat dinner and drink *rehyrdating) beers outside every evening.

Cruising along the terrace of Cat Bells on the way back at the end of another awesome day.

Cruising along the terrace of Cat Bells on the way back at the end of another awesome day.

The morning we climbed Helvellyn, the heat reached a temperature where we all felt we might explode...and then the skies darkened!

We found ourselves wishing for rain just to cool down a little...And we got maybe more than we wished for!

Dark skies ahead on Helvellyn

An absolutely torrential, soak-you-to-the-skin downpour which lasted a good half an hour! The trails had been so hard and the rain came down so quickly that it just ran off the surface, turning everything into rocky was brilliant fun!

By the time we reached the bottom normal sunshine had resumed, and returning to the hotel the staff couldn't believe we'd even had any rain at all! 

The trip was a brilliant 4 days of great riding with a lovely group, some of whom had never ridden in the Lakes and got to experience a little taster of just how much amazing and adventurous riding the area has to offer.

It's safe to say everyone was pretty worn out by the end!

If you 'd like to find out about dates or options for this trip next year then get in touch...we'll be aiming to arrange the same awesome weather we had this year!

Endless Lakeland Trails!